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If you own firearms, keeping them secure isn’t an option. You have to own a gun safe.  It is part of proper firearms safety and is even more important if you have children.  You probably came to this site knowing that you need some type of firearms security but maybe you aren’t quite sure about where to start.  Here at our site you will find several in-depth reviews of the most popular and efficient models on the market.  We have also provided you with our authoritative buyer’s guides so you can make sure you are equipped to ask all the right questions when finding a safe that’s right for you and your family.

We’ve provided you great informational reviews about our favorite models, because of how important it is to ask the right questions before making a sizable investment to protect your family, your firearms, and your valuables.  Continue on below where you can see that we’ve put together several tables so you can identify what we feel are the best gun safe on the market right now.  Without delay, here’s what you came to read.  Our gun safe reviews:

Our Top 3 Biometric Choices:

Gunvault MV500-STD Microvault Pistol Vault$4.8
Viking Security Safe VS-25BM Biometric$$4.6
BARSKA Biometric$$$4.7

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Price = $ = Up to 99.99, $$ = 75.00 to 150.00, $$$ = 150.00 & Up

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Biometric versions are smaller versions that recognize your fingerprints to open the locking mechanism.  The primary function of biometrics is quick access and easy mobility.  They should typically not be used for housing valuables, but rather firearms you will need the quickest access to. They are a great tool for firearm security so you can keep your firearms away from your children.  Due to being smaller in size, they can be victim to theft in the event of a burglary, so use caution when storing your valuables. Most biometric models offer a combination of both fingerprint and sequential button coding so you can access the contents either way in case the fingerprint recognition stops for some reason.

Should I own a biometric gun safe? The best part about owning one is that they are probably not only one of the securest ways to store a firearm in a compact location, but they are also the easiest to access in the case of an emergency.  They are usually compact and slimmer, making them the perfect bedside companion.  They can usually hold one small firearm, which in my opinion should be equipped with a flashlight.  Most small modern firearms have a tactical rail which will allow a flashlight attachment so you can easily see intruders during a potential evening encounter.  Biometric handgun models are also great for a first time purchase if you are just a one gun household.  Especially for the budget conscious, if you don’t plan on expanding your firearm collection, then this is a great pick and should be considered a great option for smaller versions.  Below are our top 3 choices in the biometric category.

The Top 3 Small Non-Biometric Choices:

GunVault NV100 NanoVault with Key Lock, Fits Sub-Compact Pistols$4.7
Stack-On PC-650 Portable With Electronic Lock, Black$4.1
V-Line Desk Mate Keyless Security Box with Quick Release Mounting Bracket (Black)$$$4.6

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Price = $ = Up to 99.99, $$ = 75.00 to 150.00, $$$ = 150.00 & Up

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Less technological than its’ biometric cousin, smaller manual and electronic locking models have their place.  Smaller manual and electronic locking versions are generally the same size as a biometric but are operated using a digital locking keypad or key lock system instead of fingerprint recognition.  They are typically cheaper than biometric versions, but will make it a little more difficult to grab your firearm in an emergency situation.  Electronic locking mechanisms are unlocked using an electronic key code combination.  Manual locking models can usually only be accessed by a key.  It should still perform just like like biometrics do when unlocking, you just need a code or a key to open it which can be cumbersome in the dark if you are up against a late night encounter.

The good thing about small electronic locking or manual locking versions is that they are typically cheap, and have a lot of very good manufacturers that produce them.  Personally, this is the type  I’d be using for a backup firearm that is not my primary use or carry gun, and I’d be using it in the places I spend the most time that aren’t my bedroom.  A den, library, or home office, are all ideal places to stash these smaller gun safes.  This way you have access to a firearm in need, but probably don’t need the speed of a fancy Biometric model.  You can usually expect to spend about half or a little less than half of what you would spend on a Biometric for a small electronic locking or manual locking model.

Long-Gun Full Size Gun Vaults:

There are many reasons why you should be looking at buying a full size version for your first purchase.  I know that many people have smaller living quarters and can’t afford the cost and/or space it would require for a full size model.  If you are part of this crowd, I’d suggest looking at our Small Fireproof model, or our a Biometric Safe.  If you have enough closet space, and own at least one long-gun, I’d strongly recommend buying a full size for your first purchase.  My first purchase ever was technically a full size gun safe. I outgrew it in less than a year.  The primary function of a large model is to protect your firearms, valuable and most importantly, your family from unauthorized access.  Having a good, solid full-size behemoth will not only ensure that your firearms are kept secure, but also prevent your firearms from falling into the wrong hands in the event of a robbery.  Full sized models are typically constructed out of premium gauge steel and are extremely tough to move or break into.

This makes them the most valuable resource for protecting the things that matter most to you and your family.  I’ll cover more in my buyer’s guide – but the one thing I can tip I can give you that’s the most important is always buy a bigger one than you plan to need so you can grow into it.  Buying a second full-sizer in less than a year wasn’t part of our plan and luckily I was able to sell the other on craigslist before Amazon delivered my new one.  Buy the right one the first time around and you won’t have to deal with any of the hassle of outgrowing your first purchase too quickly.  This should be considered a great option in the larger gun vault categories and is highly recommended.  We decided not to clutter up our page too much, so you can feel free to review our complete list of Long-Gun models by clicking the link here.

Small Fireproof Options:

Small Fireproof models are a great option for valuables and other items that you may not feel comfortable placing in a smaller version.  They also work well for handguns but since they are bigger than biometric or small electronic locking version, you will need a bigger place to store it.  Usually small fireproof brands will house about 3 cubic feet or less and have a decent fire rating.  Keep in mind that the primary function of these is to protect against fire, not theft.  Because of their small stature, Small Fireproof versions are much more likely to be stolen in the event of a burglary.  They are good for protecting documents and even storing small firearms, but I would be cautious of storing large amounts of valuables in a smaller gun safe. The exception to that is if you can anchor it down.  Small fireproofers definitely have their place and if you are able to anchor them down, they are perfect for hand guns as well as valuables while being easily placed anywhere in the home due to coming in a more compact package than standard full size models.

What we aim provide you with our detailed reviews:

There are a lot of things to determine when making a purchase such as size, weight, capacity, anchoring ability and of course cost.  Every size of gun vault has its benefits.  If you don’t have a lot of money to buy your first, I would strongly encourage you to look at a biometric gun safe.  They are smaller, easily accessible and extremely secure.  If your first purchase is a larger Long Gun version, I would suggest an electronic lock for quick access if you plan to only own one.  If you intend on owning more than one, then picking a dialing lock can be a better choice to keep the cost low while buying a biometric or electronic locking version for immediate access to smaller firearms.  I will cover all of the items you should be asking yourself in detail in my buyer’s guide so you know what questions to ask when looking at buying your own model.Now that you’ve read about some of the most popular types and models like these bedside gun safes, I want to make sure I’ve highlighted some of the main reasons that you absolutely need to have some way of locking up your firearms.  If you haven’t fully committed to buying a one as of yet and are still on the fence, please consider the following reasons why owning a some type of firearms security mechanism is a must.

  • Child Protection: According to a recent study, Guns kill twice as many children as cancer, and 5 times more than heart disease. This in itself is more than enough reason to own a safe to properly secure your firearms. You may not have children, but that doesn’t mean your family, or neighboring children won’t have access to your firearms if they visit your home. Protecting America’s youth from firearm accidents starts with you being a responsible gun owner.
  • Theft Protection: While not quite as important as protecting children, a strong vault will protect your firearms against theft. Many people put other valuables in their firearms vaults along with their firearms. If you plan to lock away money, gold, silver and/or important documents I would highly recommend purchasing a model that’s very heavy or can be bolted down. Even if you do not plan to store other valuables with your firearms, bolting yours down should always be considered unless you have a post-tension slab which will not allow you to do so. Bolting yours down or buying a heavier model will save you money in the long run by protecting you against theft in the event of a robbery.
  • Liability Protection: Depending on your state laws, if your firearms are stolen, you may face liability from a legal standpoint. Owning a gun vault in states that hold you accountable is an absolute must. Owning a firearm is your constitutional right, but it’s also your job to make sure they are properly secured.
  • Fire Protection: Many of today’s models have fire protection or fire ratings. This not only will help keep your firearms secure in the event of a catastrophic fire, but also any other valuables that you might own that you want to keep secure. House fires have grown at an alarming rate and you need protection that adequately protects against disaster.  This is always a great idea to keep things out of harm’s way.
  • Cheaper Insurance Rates: In some states, legislation is being reviewed to propose that firearms owners will need to carry liability protection to insure against the potential firearms accidents. Whether or not this passes will be the subject of a lot of scrutiny. That being said, it’s more than likely that you will qualify for cheaper insurance rates if you have appropriate firearm security in your home. Why risk being caught needing a more expensive policy when you can insure against higher rates and properly protect all those around you? Owning one here is a win-win situation. There’s also a possibility that your actual homeowners insurance carrier may offer a discount for purchasing a certain model with a certain security rating.

Now that you’ve looked through our our long-gun safe comparisons you should be equipped with all the information you need to make a purchase.  In my opinion, (and as evidenced by our reviews) safes are not a one-size-fits-all type of situation.  Everyone has different needs and different requirements.  In my opinion it’s also important to have a larger main safe and an ideal a secondary backup used for your bedside, office or in any other place you’d need to have quick access to a firearm.  I personally own both a long gun model and a biometric hand version and feel the biometric option is great for quick access and convenience.  While there are many places you can put a smaller model,  I was able to mount my biometric safe behind my headboard and now with a swipe of my hand, I have access to my firearm on demand.  Ultimately on only you can decide what model is going to best fit your needs, but now that you’ve spent some time with us, you have all the information you need to make an educated decision after reading up on the most popular brands.

Thanks for taking the time to check out our site. If you have any questions at all or would like to see another brand reviewed that we haven’t included, please feel free to reach out to us at any time on our Contact Page.  Make sure you stop and take a look at our Buyer’s Guide for important questions to ask before making your purchase if you haven’t already answered all your questions by reading through our gun safe reviews.  We hope that our information is useful to you and that you find the best gun safe for your needs.

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